Spetses, a perfect place for scuba diving, the jewel of the Argosaronic Gulf with a long naval tradition, resonant history and particular culture is an all-year-round holiday destination.

It owes its name to the Enetians who called it Isola di Spezzie, meaning island of aromas and spices, because of the plethora of aromatic plants that grow there. In ancient times the island was called Pitiousa, which means full of pine trees.

The birthplace of Greek heroine Bouboulina, Spetses’ contribution to the Greek war of Independence was important and decisive. The island’s economy flourished in the 17th – 19th centuries and its evidence remains in the grand mansions built by local captains and sea merchants, the architectural treasures of the island that characterise its physiognomy.

Spetses is located in the southern most edge of the Saronic Gulf and at the entrance of the Argolic. It is surrounded by the small picturesque islands Spetsopoula, Mikro Bourboulo and Agios Giannis. Its close proximity to Athens and the regular boats from Piraeus make Spetses one of the most popular destinations for Greeks and foreigners.

Even the most demanding visitor is catered for, as Spetses offers hotels of all categories and rooms to let with all mod-cons. In the island’s tavernas you will taste local delicacies while there are bars with Greek and foreign music to keep you entertained until dawn.