The client had no website or marketing material other than images of completed projects. He wanted us to build a complete website from content to design. Multiple interviews and extensive research led us to create a clean and extremely intuitive website.

  • Web Design
  • Technical SEO
  • Content/Copywriting

Full Service Web Design

“Cabaretti did the entire web design project for my construction company. They did it all, from the writing and design to the technical stuff and SEO. They even got us set up in Google Analytics and in Google maps. The website is clean and easy for our visitors to use. We go back to them from time to time and they are always available to help out. I am happy to recommend them to anyone who needs a complete website designed from start to finish.”

– Pak Ngurah, Wijaya Construction



A Highly Respected Bali General Contractor

The client is a local Bali general contractor who specializes in building custom villas and homes. His final products are high-end and very artistic. Quality is his highest priority, though he also has a reputation of finishing projects on time and within budget.

Wijaya Construction is a reliable contractor in a very competitive Bali market. Our first step was to design a website that promoted his excellent work and reliability.


Matching Quality with Quality

Our objective was to create a website that accurately represents the quality nature of the client’s work. Most of all, we needed to create a website that would communicate to western clients the high standards and reliability of Wijaya Construction. The website also had to make it easy for both locals and westerners to convert into a lead and eventually, new project.

A conversion for the client is a web form submission request or email for more information.


Starting from Scratch? No Problem

Though the client had plenty of supporting images, there was no previous website or content so everything had to be made completely from scratch. All content had to be written and all website objectives had to be determined before a solid way forward could be established.


Recording a Better User Experience

User recordings show visitors using the site and getting the information they need. As a new internet presence, we knew visibility would take some time, but soon after website completion, the client already had visibility in organic search and the local maps.

We’ll Do the Same for You

Wijaya Construction got a complete new website from content and design to development and SEO. We’ll do it all for you, too. Contact us to find out how.

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