Top Tech Security is a locksmith company located in Brooklyn New York. The provide emergency lockout services as well as commercial security systems to the New York community.

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“Dino and his team have been indispensable. They have come through for us on a number of projects. I have hired other companies for web design, SEO and content and I keep coming back to his team. They’re reliable, trustworthy and now, the only web design company I use.”

– Joey Abergil, Top Tech Security



A Highly Respected Bali General Contractor

This was a standard web design project. The client originally agreed to supply useful information that would help us to build a website suited to their needs and branding objectives.

Top tech covers all 5 boroughs of New York City and needed a website that promoted their mobile locksmith services as well as security installation for commercial clients.

The locksmith industry is extremely cut-throat and spammy. We have to consider this whenever engaging on project that requires high ranking within a market, especially the New York City market.


The client wanted a website built in the competitive New York locksmith market. The website would need to have good content and SEO in order to rank well within search results, knowing that most customers do not read content, but just want to have a locksmith come to them when they have a lockout emergency.

The website also needed to be clean and intuitive so users could get what they need quickly and easily.


The client gave no assistance whatsoever to this project. Cabaretti created all the content and had no images to work with other than what we created ourselves. Everything was built from scratch with no guidance. All content was the result of extensive research. We essentially created through extensive research, data mining and review mining. We could not get approval to do user surveys or other qualitative testing.


In order to complete this project without help from the client, Cabaretti needed to do heavy research to learn about the market and the niche. We engaged in data mining and scoured the internet for customer reviews on locksmith companies. We did this to understand what consumers liked and disliked about locksmiths so we could address those issues on the website. We determined the most important services and wrote extensive content about those services.

Since we had not images, we created our own icons and animations to give the website a slightly different look and feel, but really it was our only option since the client did not supply this information up front.


The result of our research and image creation gives a unique alternative to the locksmith industry with their highly templated web designs and stock photos. Top Tech Security is unique and is an excellent solution given the challenges we faced and lack of support.

The website provides an easy user experience and has expandable sections that allow users to read only the information that is important to them. Graphics and animations give it both a friendly and trustworthy user experience.

We’ll Do the Same for You

Top Tech Security got a complete new website from content and design to development and SEO. We’ll do it all for you, too. Contact us to find out how.

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