A website redesign project to present a more professional image of the client and better user experience for visitors with cleaner user flows, more inviting colors and content that engages.

  • Web Design & Development
  • Copywriting

Exceeding Expectations

“Working with Dino was an absolute pleasure. He combines an unusual ability to understand the vision of my business whilst developing an incredible platform for organisations to get clear on how to work with me. All this with great technical skills and creative style.

“What impressed me the most was his ability to exceed my expectations on the first draft – it was pretty much spot on, with only a few minor adjustments to text.

“Following that was the implementation of the marketing strategy which pinpointed key regions and clients over a structured timeline, constantly monitoring and adjusting along the way. A full 360 service without any compromises!”

– Duncan McKee, Director of McKee Music Pte Ltd, Singapore


An Engaging Team Builder & Ted Speaker

Duncan McKee is a public speaker, team building expert and professional musician and teacher. In his presentations, he uses music to demonstrate how effective teamwork can enable groups to achieve great results.

Clients hire Stix Music to provide an interactive and team building session at conferences, workshops and corporate events. Duncan leads a room full of attendees on an interactive journey that has them working together to create a classical masterpiece with nothing more than a pair of bamboo sticks and a mallet. Each participant contributes to the whole and the result is a fun team building lesson that gets participants energized.


Communicating a Global Brand

To create a fun, engaging user experience that provides visitors with quick and easy access to the information they need. We also needed to provide a better user experience and a more professional presentation to potential clients, giving them an easy way to contact Duncan.


Too Much Info? No Way

The original website had a lot of content. Though visitors need all the information before booking with Duncan, it ran the risk of “too much text,” which usually results in bounced visits.

Providing all the information necessary without turning away visitors with too much content for them to read became our primary objective. We also knew that it is unlikely that visitors will convert on the first visit so contacting Stix for more information was paramount.


A Better User Experience

User recordings show that website visitors can easily navigate the website and are finding the information they need. Analytics also show more web form submissions than previously measured.


More Bookings

The original Stix Music website had a lot of helpful information, but was outdated. It did not reflect the exciting nature of the company and its presentations so we put together a colorful and fun website that was also clean and easy to use, both giving users the information they need to make a purchasing decision while making it easy for them to contact Stix.

We implemented a Google Ads campaign to drive users to the site so we could conduct usability testing with user recordings. Users easily navigated through the site, along user flows and to the designated calls-to-action.


See Stix Music before and after our web design.




We’ll do the same for you.

We designed an easier user interface and more effective user experience for Stix Music. Contact us now and we’ll do the same for you and more.

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