Cabaretti redesigned the website for Fennzone, a stress reduction product and service with a membership portal and various payment plans as well as an integrated test management platform.

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  • Web Development
  • Copywriting

“Dino came through on a project where I needed a little extra push to get through to the end. Glad I was able to work with him.”

– Rob Watson, Webdextrous



Created by Dr. Tim Fennel, PhD., the Fennzone is a proven and tested system to not only help gamers and athletes reduce stress, but improves performance. Fennzone is for gamers who want higher scores, for parents of gamers who need their addicted kids back and to help athletes control stress and perform in the Zone.

Cabaretti was tasked with updating the website from an old, ineffective user experience to an interface that would help drive conversions.


The website was severely under-developed and lacked any coherent user experience. The interface was outdated and had not been updated in years. Our job was to clean it up and make it easy for users to get the information they need to make a purchase.

Initially, the project was not a redesign, but and update. The client didn’t have the budget for a major design overhaul.


From the beginning the challenges were apparent. In order to achieve the client’s objective, we quickly realized that an update wasn’t going to serve the client’s purpose. The site needed a complete redesign.

Furthermore, the testing platform was entirely inefficient. Visitors are able to take a free stress test to determine how stress was affecting their performance in a number of areas. The exam results are sent to the visitor via email. The copy in the testing platform was incoherent and served little benefit to the user.

The copy throughout the site was inadequate to clearly explain the benefits to the visitor.


Though the client had hired his own copywriter, Cabaretti was needed to clean up a lot of the titles and calls-to-action, the copy that helps visitors to convert. We also re-wrote the entire testing platform so it was more readable and understandable by users.

The site has taken on a whole new, modern look that is more user-friendly and intuitive for users. It gives them just the information they need to engage with the client. Post-testing shows that visitors are more likely to convert, giving the client higher sales.

We’ll Do the Same for You

Fennzone got a complete new website from content and design to development and SEO. We’ll do it all for you, too. Contact us to find out how.

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