Delta Upsilon fraternity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit fraternity at San Diego State University and Cabaretti was assigned the task of redesigning the website for the expansive alumni association.

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“Two months ago, I was asked by my college fraternity’s Board of Directors to head the Board’s Dedication Committee gearing up to “Dedicate” the San Diego State Chapter’s new $2M fraternity house, this coming November. My first chore was to get a web page detailing the event up an running, fill it with links to nostalgic memorabilia, design a “brand” for our upcoming House Dedication Celebration, link that “brand” to the web page, then link the web page to 800 emails with RSVP and PayPal links built into the email that automatically directed fraternity alumni back to the website to RSVP for the event. No easy chore to be sure.”

“My first call (and as it turned out, my only call) was to Dino Maiolo at Cabaretti. Though Dino and I have been friends for years, I wasn’t sure he and his company could pull this off. My fears were quickly allayed. In less than 30 days, Cabaretti accomplished all of the above, including the creation of the logo we are now using to brand our event. The price was right. The product, scary-good. We launched our 800 emails on Wednesday, September 6th, and by this morning, five days later, 200 “brothers” have already RSVP’d and paid, electronically, to attend the Ceremony. Thanks to Cabaretti our members now have a way to share in this once-in-a-lifetime, seminal event.”

Lee “Snapper” Marshal, Delta Upsilon Alumni Association, SDSU


Cabaretti’s task was to build a website and provide ongoing digital maintenance for the alumni association’s website.The site needed to reflect the unique brand of the organization, which is both a playful, yet professional organization that assists undergraduates with mentorships, coaching, guidance and scholarships. The organization also has an extensive membership so a membership portal was needed as well as a calendar of events.


Delta Upsilon’s objectives were not unique as Cabaretti’s team is skilled at membership sites, user engagement and interaction between digital platform and user. The website continues to perform its function as a membership portal and require frequent updates for events and payment integration for members.

The client was mostly concerned with aesthetics and simple functionality.


Cabaretti continues to maintain the website and integrates new events, performs updates, audits and security for the website. The website continues to operate smoothly and the client is delighted with the performance.

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