Done Right is the top performing kitchen exhaust company in New York City. our job was to design a website and ad campaign that reflected this status. The results are phenomenal.

  • Web Design
  • Content/Copywriting
  • Google Ads
  • Local Marketing
  • Technical SEO

Phenomenal Work

It has been an amazing experience working with Web Groovin. They have done great work for us since 2011 and I couldn’t be any happier. They are extremely creative with a great visual and technical insight. They are truly experts in their field and do phenomenal work.

– Jacob Chekov, Founder, Done Right Hood & Fire Safety, New York, NY



The Best in the City

Cabaretti has been blessed with clients that are among the best in their markets. Done Right Hood & Fire Safety is such a client. They have been with us for over 7 years and continue to be among our most loyal clients, referring us new business whenever they can.

In the competitive restaurant business in New York City, commercial kitchen managers are required to use a professionally licensed service to clean the kitchen exhaust to standards set forth by the Fire Department of New York City. Every commercial kitchen in the city must comply with FDNY regulations.

Done Right cleans kitchen exhaust systems, fabricates & installs new kitchen hoods as well as electrostatic precipitators, empties and cleans kitchen grease traps, inspects and recharges fire extinguishers and facilitates fire suppression inspections & service. They’re not the cheapest company in the tri-state area, but if you want a kitchen exhaust system cleaned right the first time and need to avoid city violations, there is no company in New York City, New Jersey or Nassau County that does it better.

Led by their hard-working owner, Jacob Chechkov, whose unwavering commitment to perfection has made Done Right the success story it is today, Done Right has become the leading kitchen exhaust company in New York City, New Jersey and Nassau County. We are incredibly proud to be working with such an excellent company.


Promote Brand and Drive ROI

Done Right’s primary marketing objective throughout the years has always been to increase sales through online search. Most restaurant owners who don’t already know of a good hood cleaning company will search the internet for hood cleaners. It is crucial for Done Right to position itself in the top of search for primary consumer search terms like kitchen hood cleaning new york, kitchen exhaust cleaners NYC, grease trap cleaning NYC and hood fabrication Nassau County.

Jacob’s newest objective is to position Done Right as the leading contractor in the 5 boroughs of New York City for kitchen hood cleaning. Indeed, Done Right is the leading commercial kitchen hood cleaning company in New York City. We set out to promote this status so consumers who want the best, know to use Done Right.


Working from the Bottom Up

With an outdated website and AdWords campaign that was sending prospects to less than effective landing pages, we needed to complete a website redesign and to initiate a Google Ads campaign to promote his new brand.

In the early days, Done Right was listed on page six of search results organically for his primary keyword search term. He did not have a local Google My Business page.


Driving ROI in all Areas

In the early years, we developed high quality, relevant content that was comprehensive. Later, with the redesign, we created even deeper content that answers all the questions restaurant owners and kitchen managers would have when contacting to a kitchen exhaust cleaning service. This would make for more engaging user experiences and provide consumers the information they need to convert.

The new design would need to be modern, but with a top-rate user experience, intuitive layout and images that supported the content and calls-to-action. Making it easy for users to get the info they need and even easier to contact Done Right for service or installation was the highest priority.

By creating extraordinary content, we hypothesized that Google crawlers would recognize the website as trustworthy and authoritative enough to rank it well both organically and in Google Maps.

Finally, we needed to enhance visibility with Google Ads so that consumers would see the business wherever they searched, thereby giving it the status of a large company that Jacob was seeking.


More Conversions Leading to More Profit

The newest version of the website is indeed clean and authoritative. The content is so deep and comprehensive that the entire website has gained trust and authority by Google–enough so that when we post a new page, it only takes about a week for it to gain first page status for that page’s primary search term. This happens time and time again. New pages rank almost immediately. Such quick ranking only happens with websites that Google trusts.

For primary consumer search phrases, both organically and in Google Ads, the Done Right website ranks at the top of search in paid, organic and the local maps. It is also not uncommon for multiple pages of his website, ads, video and images to rank on the same page, giving him vast real estate in search results, more than any other kitchen hood cleaning service in the tri-state area.

When consumers are redirected to the website, they convert. With conversion rates of 12-17%, business is consistent and sales are frequent.


Helping Clients Grow

Clearly our proudest accomplishment is that in the time Done Right has been our client, they have had to move offices three times to accommodate more clients.

We’re proud to have played a part in the rapid growth of such a fine company. Extraordinary service, a commitment to perfection, a hard work ethic and smart marketing has helped Done Right get to where they are today.


See the dramatic changes we made to enhance the performance of Done Right Hood & Fire Safety.




We’ll Do the Same for You

Since they have become our client, Done Right has outgrown their offices three times. If that’s the kind of growth you want for your business, contact us now.

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