Cabaretti designed and developed the website for the conference, which held annually to discuss initiatives, ideas and technology for more globally sustainable agriculture.

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CSA is on the cutting edge of agriculture transformation and reaches every corner of the world to help give farmers a sustainable living while driving eco-smart agriculture initiatives. The conference brings together some of the best and brightest minds in green technology and sustainable agriculture. Scientists, educators, activists and investors merge twice a year to discuss the latest developments and technology that will allow our planet to sustain the massive growth in population.


The client needed a website that would server several purposes. First, it needed to educate attendees, vendors, the media and the public of the fantastic progress being made in sustainable agriculture. We also need to give all the details of the conference and provide both a sophisticated conference payment system with tiered pricing levels and carbon offset capabilities as well as registration for vendors and speakers.

The website needed to be clean and functional with an intuitive flow to make it easy for potential attendees to register. Registration needed to verify payment, provide reports of payments, allow for different payment formats from both developed and developing countries, provide different payment levels and give users the ability to transfer entrance tickets and purchase event add-ons.

The site needed to be launched within a specific time period. Ongoing maintenance and updates to the site were required as new developments to the conference were made.


A high degree of flexibility was necessary as many of the requirements for the conference changed and updates were necessary to implement. Accepting payments in the form of both credit card and bank transfer were required from both developed and developing countries. We needed to make sure the site could accept payments from anywhere in the world.

Payments and attendee lists need to be formatted and reports generated to track conference progress. The site had to be solid, accessible and fully functional in all parts of the world on every device, every screen size and all browsers, regardless of operating system.

The design needed to be clean and intuitive, which was a departure from the websites of pervious conferences.


The site performs all objectives seamlessly and attendees find it easy to register. We implemented tracking systems to determine how many vendors and speakers registered as well as the demographics of attendees from around the globe.

Few changes were needed after launch with the exception of necessary additions as a result of conference updates by the client. These updates were made quickly and responsively.

Feedback from users has been tremendous and the conference is well on its way to becoming one of the best so far.

We’ll Do the Same for You

CSA Conference got a complete new website from content and design to development and SEO. We’ll do it all for you, too. Contact us to find out how.

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