Certified Folder Display had little issue with the performance of their website, but wanted a more professional image and a web presence that more closely identified with their goals.

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The Worlds Largest Travel Brochure Distributor

Certified Folder Display distributes marketing material in brochure racks throughout north America. Do you know those racks you see in hotel lobbies with all the brochures of things to do in the area? Certified builds, distributes and maintains those racks. They also fill them with promotional brochures and travel guides from local business advertisers.

Now certified distributes digital kiosks and offers a virtual display rack for advertisers on the Web. Based in southern California, Certified has distribution centers throughout the US and Canada.


A Better User Experience

Certified Folder asked Cabaretti to design a new website for them that was more closely aligned with their branding and business objectives. Presenting a positive image that was consistent with the Certified Folder brand was the objective.

Though the client was pleased with the performance of the website, providing a better user experience and more leads would be icing on the cake. The primary concern was the functionality and user experience of the new website. Nevertheless, an increase in sales would be a positive improvement.


Meeting the Needs of the Client

The project posed few challenges for the Cabaretti team. As a corporate entity, problems often arise with decision making within the hierarchy of the client’s management structure. We had no such problem with Certified as they were well organized and easy to work with.

Since Certified Folder Display was happy with their? traffic and conversion results, we focused on two areas. First, we did not want to disrupt the success they were already having with their web presence. Second, we wanted to improve the look, feel and usability of their website in a way that it would reflect positively on their brand and image as the leader in their market.


A Beautiful Website on Any Device

Certified received a highly functional and beautiful website that achieved all their objectives. Both the website hierarchy and the navigation menu were improved to make more sense to the user. Some existing pages that were no longer needed were either merged with more important pages or redirected entirely. Some new pages were added that made sense to users in order to obtain needed information. The user flow became intuitive and user-friendly.

We redesigned their web form as the original one was too long and discouraged users from taking action. The client helped by providing new, updated images that we incorporated into page headers. All images support the message of the particular page. Calls-to-action are compelling and provide a clear path forward.

Generally, the website is cleaner and easier to navigate, giving users the information they need to convert.


See the dramatic changes we made to enhance the user experience of Certified Folder Display.




We’ll Do for You What We Did for Them

Need a new website that is user-friendly and intuitive like Certified’s? Contact us today to learn more.

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