The Bali International Women’s Association is a nonprofit group that helps underprivileged people of Bali, particularly women and children. This was strictly a website redesign project.

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  • Web Development
  • Copywriting

“Fantastic support. Helped with our website (charity) and helped us to understand. So patient and explained things well.”

– Cathy Key, Bali International Women’s Association



BIWA is involved in many projects that help mostly women and children of Bali. Its members are composed primarily of women from both Indonesia and abroad. They host social functions, raise money for needy causes and have outreach programs that directly impact the lives of local Balinese women and children.

Cabaretti was hired to redesign the website and provide specific pages for their many projects. Since content wasn’t available, we wrote most of the copy for the website.


The primary objective as far as the client was concerned was to design a website that looks good to users, but also promote their cause and projects. It originally was going to b a place where members go to get updates from the organization as well as to find a list of upcoming events, but the organization does not maintain the website in this way so it has become primarily an online brochure of their programs. Such is the case with so many charity organizations.


Our biggest challenge was getting the information we needed from the organization. Since they had very little content and the copy the did have was not really suitable for a website, we researched their programs and created new copy for them for each program and project.

There were no specific challenges with the design or development of this website. It was built on a WordPress platform and shows well on all devices


The website serves its purpose, though the organization doesn’t update it as much as it should. As a nonprofit organization, Cabaretti often steps in to manage updates when we find they haven’t been done by the client.

We’ll Do the Same for You

Biwa got a complete new website from content and design to development and SEO. We’ll do it all for you, too. Contact us to find out how.

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