The world’s largest producer of organic coconut sugar, Big Tree Farms was referred to us by our branding friends at Elami & Co. Big Tree Farms needed a credible company to help analyze their data in addition to a temporary ads campaign.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads

A Team Partner

Web Groovin not only provided Big Tree Farms sound and up to date analytics and data that we could act on to better fine tune our campaigns, but also provided responsive and personable customer service. Web Groovin truly felt like a part of our internal team.

– Frederick Schilling, Co-Founder, Big Tree Farms


The World’s Largest Producer of Organic Coconut Sugar

Referred to Cabaretti (then, Web Groovin) by creative branding agency,, Big Tree Farms is the largest producer of organic coconut sugar in the world. They have the world’s largest and most sustainable coconut supply chain, impacting over 14,000 organic farmers throughout Indonesia. They distribute their product in health food chains throughout North America such as Costco, Sprouts and Whole Foods as well as online stores such as Amazon and iHerb.


Analytics for Actionable Insights and Profitable Outcomes

Big Tree Farms hired Cabaretti to analyze and consult with co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Frederick Schilling, to help improve website performance through user experience observation and data analysis.

We also initiated a Google Ads campaign that was eventually paused because Big Tree Farms stopped selling products directly on their website. We continued advising them on traffic to their website as well as user activity.


A Better User Experience

We first dug into their Google Analytics and saw misconfigurations in their set up that was giving them inaccurate information. We made necessary changes and continued to observe user activity.

Noticing that products on their website did not link directly to their product pages on Amazon or iHerb, but rather to general product pages, we decided to conduct user research and usability tests to see what other friction points there were in the buyer journey.

As a result of the testing, we made changes to the landing pages to ensure specific products on the website linked directly to the same product purchase page at Amazon and other eCommerce stores. This cut down on buyer confusion and eliminated extra steps in the purchase process.

Cabaretti continued to consult with Big Tree Farms, helping them to identify weaknesses in their marketing and to create more efficient customer acquisition.


A More Direct Line to Product Sales

Because prior goal tracking had not been enabled and previous settings were producing inaccurate results, it was difficult to determine the amount of increase our improvements had on sales. Furthermore, because Big Tree Farms no longer sells product directly on their website, but refers visitors to ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and iHerb, we were unable to track data that specifically showed results; however, indications from the client were that sales had improved and our analysis helped them to make business decisions for more profitability.

We’ll Do the Same for You

We were able to streamline the user experience and provide deep user analysis to help Big Tree Farms increase sales. We’ll do it for you, too. Contact us to learn how.

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