Airmakers was a re-design and SEO project. We re-designed the website to make it faster and compatible on all devices, re-wrote about 60 pages of content and implemented technical SEO features. The result was that this small HVAC company in San Diego now ranks among the biggest players in the market.

  • Website Re-design
  • Local & Technical SEO
  • Content/Copywriting

More Visibility in Google Search

We’re in a very competitive market. After Cabaretti’s re-design, our business jumped to the first page of Google very quickly.

– Someone, Founder, Done Right Hood & Fire Safety, New York, NY



A Client Since 2009

Airmakers Heating and Air Conditioning has been with us for a long time. Since 2009, we’ve managed their website and have made continual updates to keep them visible to consumers within search results. Airmakers installs and services residential heating and air conditioning to homeowners in San Diego County. The business is owned by Van Johnson who manages a number of crews that do exceptional work, which is apparent from their exemplary customer reviews in platforms like Yelp and Google.


Compete with the Big Boys

Our objective was to establish Airmakers as a major player in the HVAC industry within San Diego County. There are many HVAC contractors that do fine work, but few offer such excellent customer service and craftsmanship at discount pricing. Since online marketing requires that the client be good at what they do, Airmakers was an easy fit for Cabaretti. All we had to do was present the company competitively alongside the biggest players in the market.

Our first thought was to implement an aggressive Google Ads campaign, but because the keywords are so competitive among HVAC contractors, the budget required to maintain a consistent presence would have been too high.

Though Facebook advertising would have been much cheaper, Facebook ads are much less effective for the home improvement and contractor niches. Facebook metrics are also notoriously unreliable so gaging the success of any Facebook ads campaign would have been questionable for Airmakers. So that left us only with SEO.


Facing Fierce Competition

The website had a lot of pages and some of them were considered duplicate content, which may have caused the poor ranking in search results. Over 50 pages had to be re-written, each with original and relevant content that offers benefit to consumers.

The market is highly competitive and most players have enormous advertising budgets for design and digital marketing, not to mention television and radio spots.


A Complete Website Re-design

We focused on a number of areas. The first was to redesign the website, adding deep comprehensive content that was useful and relevant to both consumers and search engines. We knew this would help Airmakers rank better, especially after a temporary dip in search rankings that put them on page three of search results for their primary keyword, air conditioning san diego.

We also re-wrote their Google My Business profile, initiated a customer testimonial strategy and cleaned up all broken links and 404 errors we found through the Google Search Console.


120% Increase in Traffic

The result was dramatic. As of the time of this writing, 26 April 2018, Airmakers sits at the top of search results in local organic rankings in San Diego for his primary consumer search term. He ranks on the first page for many secondary searches involving heating, furnaces and heat pumps as well as locally specific searches. Indeed, the power of solid, comprehensive content for search rankings is undeniable. He ranks above companies that have 10 times the marketing budget of Airmakers Heating and Air Conditioning.

We also increased visibility of his profile as well as his Google My Business profile page so he would be more visible in Google Maps.

Since the website and local listings have become more visible, Airmakers has enjoyed a 120% increase in customer contacts, increased visibility and the problem of cyclical sales has decreased significantly.


See the dramatic changes we made to enhance the performance of Airmakers Heating and Air.





We’ll Do the Same for You

Airmakers got a 120% increase in sales as a result of their re-design and marketing. We can do the same for you. Contact us to find out how.

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