5 Reasons Why Digital Advertising Rules

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The Advantages of Digital Advertising

There are plenty of ways to drive sales to your business, but if you want immediate, relevant traffic from consumers who are ready to buy from you today, then digital advertising is the way to go. Here are a few reasons why:

Get Immediate Results

For new companies, SEO can take months, even years to have a significant impact on your sales. It is important to engage in a long-term SEO strategy, but Google search results is a moving target and changes to its algorithm occur often, so what got your website at the top of search results today, may not work tomorrow.

With Google Ads, your results are immediate. We certainly engage in long-term advertising strategies, but those strategies help to improve our campaigns. With SEO, you’re just trying to keep up.

It’s not uncommon for me to create a campaign and see conversions for my client on the same day. Google Ads are that quick, especially when you have a certified Google Partner working on your behalf.

Target Relevant Customers

Digital advertising is an extremely targeted marketing channel. You can advertise to just the consumers who are looking for your specific product or service and are ready to buy from you right now.

So for example, if you sell jewelry in Bali, and there are 70 people currently looking for engagement rings, you can target just those 70 people. You don’t have to waste ad spend on people who will never convert like you would in print media or television advertising.

This enables you to spend more money on the right people while ignoring those who will never buy from you. It’s a brilliant way to do business.

Measure Your Performance

With the data collection and measurement tools in both Google Ads and Google Analytics you know exactly which consumers are likely to visit your site, engage with you and click the purchase button. Metrics can be broken down in so many ways, that it may take a certified expert to read and understand how to use the data to improve your campaign performance.

From demographics, to specific buying patterns, the data is all there, just waiting for you to dig in.

The Possibilities are Almost Endless

The Google Ads platform does a lot. In fact, all the features can be daunting to those who are not experienced with it. The variations on how, where and when to show your ads are almost endless.

With bidding adjustments, ad formats, keyword match types, ad extensions, audience types, behavioral adjustments and so much more, you can create your ads to work the best for each audience you target.

Google provides free video tutorials for those interested in learning all these features, but of course, we recommend hiring an experienced and certified Google Partner.

Improved Customer Support

You don’t even need to know how to use the Google Ads platform in order to start advertising. Google customer support reps will set up your ads for you. Just give them a call and they’ll do all the work.

Be careful, in order to optimize your campaigns and to adjust features to beat your competitors, you’ll have to do more. Get in touch with me to see what a certified Google Partner can do to help.

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